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PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, College of Medicine, Hershey, PA

Research Assistant,Supervised by Dajiang Liu, PhD                                                       2018-Present

  • Literature reviews on current methods of meta-analysis and fine-mapping.
  • Simulated phenotypes and genotypes for multiple ancestries under Mendelian traits scenario.
  • Journal Club.


Teaching Assistant, Supervised by Jiangang Liao, PhD                                                      2019-Present

  • TA for graduate level: PHS 521: Applied Biostatistics.
  • Grading bi-weekly assignments and answering questions.


DUKE CENTER FOR STATISTICAL GENTICS AND GENOMICS, School of Medicine, Durham, NC              2017-2018

Graduate Research,Supervised by Andrew Allen, PhD & Timothy Reddy, PhD

Differential Expression Genes Analysis on STARR-Seq Data Set

  • Designed reasonable loci-sample specified offset for Negative Binomial Regression Model on RNA-Seq data.
  • Built GLM models to identify significant interaction between allelic group and time point.
  • Performed analysis using simulated STARR-seq data.
  • Published a poster presentation in ENDO 2018.


DUKE UNIVERSITY, School of Medicine, Durham, NC                                                         2017

Internship, Supervised by Megan Neely, PhD

Understanding Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder in the ISHLT registry.

  • Constructed Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) to help communicate between investigators and statisticians
  • Performed KM (Kaplan-Meier) Plot to compare survival rate between two groups on sample data set
  • Applied Cox Model to detect potential confounders in the study on sample data set
  • Used automatic report in SAS to construct final results on sample data set


PEKING UNIVERSITY, School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijing, China                                        2014-2016

Research Assistant, Surprised by Junshan Shen, PhD

Project 1: The Application of Linear Mixed Model on Data of Menopause(2015-2016)

  • Built a model to determine which of three drugs were effective in treating Menopause
  • Applied a linear mixed model and discriminant analysis with R and SAS to compare 3 different drugs
  • Advanced missing value imputations process to handle data input/wrangling
  • Created a reasonable placebo group to be used in a clinical trial

Project 2: The Cause of Uterine Endometriosis (EM)(2014)

  • Built a model to determine which of different diseases are related to endometriosis(EM)
  • Implemented variable selection via clustering analysis under various criterions to filter out irrelevant signals in patient test results
  • Applied logistic model to establish quantitative relationship between possible causes and EM
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