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List of Publication

  • Johnson, Graham D., Alejandro Barrera, Ian C. McDowell, Anthony M. D’Ippolito, William H. Majoros, Christopher M. Vockley, Xingyan Wang, Andrew S. Allen, and Timothy E. Reddy. Human genome-wide measurement of drug-responsive regulatory activity. Nature communications9, no. 1 (2018): 5317.
  • William H Majoros, Young-Sook Kim, Alejandro Barrera, Fan Li, Xingyan Wang, Sarah J Cunningham, Graham D Johnson, Cong Guo, William L Lowe, Denise M Scholtens, M Geoffrey Hayes, Timothy E Reddy, Andrew S Allen. Bayesian estimation of genetic regulatory effects in high-throughput reporter assays. Bioinformatics (2019).


  • Bacholar’s Degree Thesis: Linear Mixed Effects Models on Menopause Treatment Data
  • Master’s Degree Thesis: Simulation Study on Estimating Dispersion Parameters in Gene Differential Expression Analysis
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