I am a comparative politics scholar and political methodologist with a substantive focus on information manipulation, authoritarian politics, Chinese politics, and populism, and methodological interests in experiments, measurement, quantitative text analysis, and computational social science. While I have a particular interest and expertise in China, I also have several research projects that address these topics in other regions of the world, including Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

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  • Yaoyao Dai and Burt Monroe, “Word Embedding Biases and Where to Quantify Them.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Chiedo Nwankwor, “Anti-corruption Campaigns and Popular Support for the Government: A Survey Experiment in Nigeria.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Alexander Kustov, “When Do (and Don’t) Politicians use Populist Rhetoric? A Mobilization Model of Populism.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Matt Golder, “Identifying Party Families with Cluster Analysis.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Benjamin Radford, “Structural Word Embedding.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Bart Bonikowski, “Networked Populism in Europe: Evolution and Diffusion.”