Our lab has pioneered the development of programmable biomaterials using nucleic acids (e.g. aptamers) and hydrogels to mimic the functionality of live cells or tissues that can undergo multiple, dynamic and controllable changes on demand. These biomaterials are currently under rigorous development for drug delivery and regenerative medicine applications. You are welcome to join us to push these novel biomaterials to the next frontier.

Recent News & Events


We were so happy to host several of our alumni for a holiday lunch! Alumni Zhaoyang, Niancao, Xiaolong, and Shihui were able to catch-up with the newest lab members and share their post-graduate experiences.


James Coyne’s first-author manuscript, Development of Hydrogel-like Biomaterials via Nanoparticle Assembly and Solid-hydrogel Transformation, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Controlled Release (IF: 7.901).

Congratulations James!


Dr. Wang took the lab to lunch to celebrate Nan’s visit to Penn State. It was wonderful to hear about the beginning of Nan’s time as a post doctoral fellow at John Hopkins University!

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