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I started woodworking in my basement on my dad’s old shopsmith.  In a furniture making class in college, I fell in love with the feel of a sharp plane on wood and decided I needed to see where this lead.  So, I enrolled in Mass College of Art and Design as a sculpture major and began apprenticing with Dale Broholm to learn the fundamentals of furniture making.  After earning my BFA, I started a custom furniture making business while apprenticing with Jere Osgood.  I am most inspired by forms in nature and try to capture the essence of a shape or structure that inspires me.

Trapezius Chair

Inspired by the muscles of the neck

 Bent twisted tapered laminated cherry 2009
Fork detail

Pelvis Stool

Bent filled lamination

Ash and Bubinga


Power Amplified Sculpture

In my latest work, I’m trying to create organic form using the same basic principles used in nature – combining many small units constrained by some simple rules or forces.  This small sculptural piece is inspired by the physics behind the Venus fly trap and uses a snap through transition to flip from concave to convex.


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