Zero means: zero emissions at Penn State


Join us in helping Penn State achieve zero effective Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050!

Penn State has an obligation toward our students and our community to model ethical leadership in a warming world. Our goal is to begin imagining a workable plan to achieve zero effective emissions by 2050, providing a model for universities and large corporations across the country and an inspiration for local and regional governments.

On April 11, 2014 we organized a conference at the University Park Campus which brought together Penn State community members already committed to responding to the threat of climate change. The final conference report is now available on this site, and your comments are welcome; this summer, we intend to deliver it to the University administration. In the fall, we will begin a series of eco-tours of our campuses, highlighting the work already being done to reduce our carbon footprint. Follow us on Twitter @PSUGet2Zero


We are faculty, staff, students and administrators concerned about climate change and committed to doing something about it. Our steering committee members are Jonathan Brockopp, associate professor of History; Erik Foley, director of strategy and sustainable operations at the Sustainability Institute; Andy Lau, associate professor of Engineering Design; Raymond Najjar, professor of Oceanography and Sylvia Neely, associate professor emerita of History.

Sustainability Institute; Rock Ethics Institute; Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs

2014 Conference Information

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