Destruction of Democracy

I’m not sure about everyone else reading this but, I cannot wait for November 8th when I get the opportunity to go to the polls and finally have my voice heard, express a freedom coveted in the United States and vote for the 45th president. I get to have a part in shaping history! Now, this is my opinion. There are many people who make the choice to abstain from voting. Whether because of lacking voter efficacy or personal qualms, it is also my opinion that, while not advisable, the decision to not exercise this right is up to them. Unfortunately, for those within the Circle’s society, democracy is being replaced with transparency resulting from Circle technology.

In theory, all the advancements create a utopia, yet in practice combination of such oversight digresses into a dystopia. Take for example the transparency seen in the government within The Circle. It seems practical, nothing can be hidden as a result; however, in terms of safety this fact put people in danger. Some things within the government need to be kept private for national security, as well as the ability to properly think through decisions. Having millions of viewers giving their opinions and ideas on how to run the government defeats the democracy set by the founding fathers. Another point that will destroy this is the use of Circle accounts to vote, pay taxes and overall run the government. Stenton stated that it would “[…] eliminate much of Washington” (395). This would eliminate a major check and balance, throwing the government into peril. Furthermore, it would put a private enterprise in charge allowing for them to manipulate reality such as how they did when framing Congresswoman Williamson who sought to separate the Circle, as it is a monopoly. In her case, she was put under investigation for ethical violations found on her computer (208). It is no coincidence that all she was being accused of was found on technology, an enterprise in which the Circle controlled. Ironically enough even the Circle lacks complete transparency and openness in their meetings. As a last piece of evidence for the destruction of democracy in The Circle, I cite the action that come after “closing” the circle. With the Circle closed, decision making will be completely removed from society. People will be indirectly controlled, watched constantly, and be scrutinized for anything deemed improper whether it has legal basis or not.

In conclusion, through the efforts of the Circle to gain complete democracy through transparency, democracy is destroyed. The crux of democracy is the freedom to choose right from wrong, the right to privacy, and the establishment that make it work.  So, on November 8th when you decide to vote or not, appreciate the fact that you had the ability to make that decision along with all the others you make on a daily basis.

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  1. I really liked how you connected the topic to democracy and the elections this year. I think that you make a really good point about how democracy will essentially be destroyed through the Circle’s efforts.

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