Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

The two ideas that I have at the moment for my “This I Believe” podcast are “looking at the man in the mirror” and “getting all that life has to give” In the first, which I am leaning towards, I plan to address how I believe in living life in a way that makes me happy and proud of myself (in a sense capable of looking in the mirror) from doing things such as community service to participating in activities with friends. The latter idea would focus on taking everything that life has to offer and saying yes to new experiences. It would be similar to the idea of living each day as if it is your last.

Moving on to my passion blog, I plan to continue blogging about Yoga; however, this semester I would like to incorporate more history and possibly a few more breathing techniques into the posts.

Lastly, for my Civic Issues blog I know for sure that I want to focus on education. I have thought most about looking at alternate educational methods including: no homework, fewer/more hours spent in school, and different curriculums. The second idea that I have for this would be to discuss standardize testing. I would assess the reasons it was implemented, its effect as a whole, and how it has changed over the years.

Please let me know what you guys think!

3 Thoughts.

  1. For the podcast, I really like the idea about the man in the mirror, I feel like you could really turn that into a great podcast with a great message. For the civic issues, I think the standardized testing topic would be fabulous! Very relevant to today’s conversations about education reform. As for the passion blog, Im super pumped to read about the addition of breathing techniques, breathing is essential to life so getting some tips on how to do it well would be v helpful.

  2. I like your first idea for “This I Believe” because it is unique while the other is somewhat typical. I think that would be very interesting to incorporate history into your yoga post! I also would love if your wrote about standardized testing because I would really appreciate those disappearing.

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