No Place For…History?

My first week of freshman year at Penn State has been inundating.  I’ve spent the last seven days running around campus looking for buildings, writing my email address dozens of times for clubs I may not ever join, and collapsing onto my dorm-issued twin bed hoping to finally get a full night’s sleep.


As a certified nerd, one of the greatest experiences of the week was going to my classes.  Yes, I said it, I’m the kid that loves class.  In college we get to choose what we study, so why not pick something you love, right?  Speaking of loving what you do, one of my first assignments is to create a passion blog to write about something I care about.  It’s an awesome assignment, but I have to admit, it’s intimidating.


My first response to the assignment was yes!  I can write about the nerdy things I love!  I created a plan to write about historical queens that changed the game for women of their time.  Satisfied with combining my love for history and women’s rights, I started googling influential queens around the world.


The further I got into it however, the more I thought that I could write about something more important.  Sure I love history, but maybe there was something more meaningful to talk about.  What am I really passionate about?  Well, long story short, I want to fight for equal rights on campus.


After thinking it through, I’ve come up with a new plan.  I’ve decided to start my college career by writing a passion blog called “No Place For Hate” to discuss discrimination in our culture.  By writing about contemporary issues, I hope my blog will raise awareness on campus about prejudice and promote acceptance in all contexts; after all, WE ARE, aren’t we?