RCL #8: Paradigm Shift Essay Draft

Introduction: Only 10% of all students in America (Pre-K through 12th grade) attend private schools. The percentage being even smaller for students who attend Christian based private schools. However, the number of students receiving their education at private Christian institutions is plummeting more and more each year. Being a graduate from a Christian school, I can support this statistic and give a first-hand perspective. More and more Americans have embraced the paradigm shift and left the world of private education to pursue public education. As the percentage of students attending private Christian schools continues to shift, the question arises as to what role this will play on the education of Americans versus other countries, how it may affect the economy, and what social influences/evolutions may factor into the change.

Point #1: Overall History

  • Evaluate the patterns of school attendance
  • Explain how it correlates with our history
  • Show the evolution between social views overtime and education

Transition: Throughout history, there have been many trends in what we view as socially acceptable. Is education one of those trends as well?

Point #2: Social Influences

  • Discuss the evolving opinions on social issues in our country
  • Conduct interviews with public school friends vs. private school friends and how they view education
  • Can media also portray education in negative ways?

Transition: The social aspects of education are not the only factor that comes into play. Perhaps the most important and pressing factor is the economic/financial impact.

Point #3: Economic Effects

  • Discuss increase in tuition in recent years (in both high school AND college)
  • Economy trends vs. school trends

Transition: There is a clear difference in the costs of education in public schools versus private, but is this affecting one’s overall education?

Point #4: Is education being affected?

  • Compare America’s education versus other countries
  • Compare public school education/statistics versus private
  • Discuss the curriculum changes for both institutions
  • Do colleges care?

Conclusion: When I entered high school, there were 285 people in my graduating class. By time graduation rolled around, there were 192 people who walked across the stage alongside me. The shift is very evident. The economic and financial impact, the social influences, and the overall changes in education are just some of the multiple factors that play into this paradigm shift and major change that we as Americans are creating and laying the groundwork for generations to come.

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