Our Team

Presidents: Maddy Nyblade and Alison Kelly

Alison is a Plant Science and Philosophy major who loves ice cream. She loves volunteering at Shaver’s Creek and working with kids at Outdoor School. Ask her about her study abroad trip to Ireland!

Maddy is a Geoscience major who has too much energy for her own good. She loves skiing, chocolate, and making a difference in the community. Please share your world-changing ideas with her!

Treasurer: Emma Fisher

Emma is an Energy Business and Finance major with a minor in Earth Systems. She loves scrapbooking, camping, and trying new food.

Secretary: Ben Lyman

Events Planner: Haley Stauffer

Haley is a BioRenewable Systems Major with minors in Spanish and International Agriculture. She loves layers, cats, water sports, good vibes, and waste management initiatives, of course!

Media Specialist: Julia Higson

Julia is a Geography and Anthropology major with a minor in Japanese. She loves traveling, wearing clashing patterns and befriending dogs wherever she goes.

Student Outreach Chair: Dan Kozar

Community Outreach Chair: Nick Macelko