GB Photos on ShutterFly!

You’ve just been accepted to one of Penn State’s volunteer trips abroad, and you’re so excited. But then you begin to wonder, “What exactly is the brigade going to be like?”

Or maybe you’re a freshman, new to Penn State’s student organizations. Global Brigades caught your eye at an involvement fair, and you’d like to know more. But you already know you won’t be able to travel abroad, and you’re thinking to yourself, “What can I possibly do on campus to stay involved?”

For moments like that, we’ve created a new webpage on ShutterFly to share all of our photos from past brigades!! Check it out here! –>

The website features 3 pages (General, Brigades, and Country photos).

  1. The General Photos page features pictures from awareness events, meetings, and all the stuff that goes on right here on Penn State’s campus.
  2. The  Brigade Photos page has all the photos from different chapters’ brigades. You can see the buildings constructed by Architecture brigades. Or the water pipeline built by Water brigades. And even the clinic set up and run by Medical brigades volunteers. 
  3. The Country Photos page will give you a good glimpse into what it will be like living in a different country for a week. You can see the compounds in Honduras or the guest houses in Ghana that serve as housing for GB volunteers. You can see the unique clothing of the indigenous tribes of Panama as well as photos of the local cuisine.

Shutterfly homepage

Shutterfly brigade page