Apply – Penn State Materials and Physics REU

Apply here for 2017

  • To apply you must first have a Friends of Penn State Account, or an existing Penn State Access ID. Friends of Penn State Accounts are free and can be created here:
  • Applications are due March 1st 2017.
  • With your application you should email an unofficial transcript to (YOu will need to mail an official transcript only if you are accepted). You will need a 3.0  cumulative grade point average (B equivalent) to qualify.
  • The application also requests the names of two references for recommendation letters. We will email these two people requesting a recommendation letter about you. You should contact these people in advance.  As a suggestion these letters could be from your faculty advisor and a relevant science professor.
  • You will be asked to indicate your first, second and third choice of research area on the application form, and discuss your research interests and background. This will help ensure that the research project you will have is indeed one you wish to do. Please prepare these statements in advance for a convincing application (there is no “save” button).

The selection process will start as soon as we receive the forms and letters. The main criteria for selection will be the student’s academic record and letters. We will also take into account the student’s enthusiasm for research in materials physics, and interest in career goals related to research in materials physics. The main aim to the selection process is to identify students who are well qualified, who have a keen interest in materials physics and who want to find out whether a career in this field is right for them.