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Our Vision

The Center’s vision is to provide unbiased, high-quality evaluation and policy analysis services to education and other organizations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and across the nation.

Our Mission

To fulfill our vision, the Center engages in the following functions:

  • Providing evaluation and research services to a broad array of schools, school districts, universities, governmental entities, and other organizations.
  • Engaging in academic leadership by publishing in the peer-reviewed literature, presenting research at state and national conferences, presenting information about evaluation research at state and national conventions, and providing evaluation services to professional organizations and scholarly journals.
  • Educating a wide range of audiences (parents, teachers, administrators, business people, politicians, faculty, staff, and media) about important evaluation and research topics, particularly as they pertain to schools and school districts in the Commonwealth, through presentations, webinars, papers, and social media.
  • Teaching evaluation and policy analysis courses in the College of Education available to students across the University.