CILC’s vision is that Abington College will be recognized as:

A global center of excellence for research-based academic programs on intercultural leadership and communication,

A think tank for piloting transformational educational & leadership experiences across the PSU system, and 

An integral resource for the development of intercultural leaders in the greater Philadelphia community.

Mission statement

CILC is dedicated to developing best practices for cultivating intercultural leadership opportunities and educational experiences on our campus and in our community. We champion research, teaching, and professional development that integrate domestic and international diversity (e.g., racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious, gender, age, ability, or other minority identities) with global citizenship (e.g., international, immigrant, or U.S.-born  community members involved with foreign cultures and languages). We seek to identify, promote, and help develop relevant programs and initiatives that focus on these areas, and are especially interested in exploring synergies and interconnections between them, for the benefit of our campus and community.

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