fall 2014 // MWF 11:15-12:05 // laura michael brown

proposal memo for annotated bibliography/archival proposal

In your proposal memo, please answer the following questions in either list or paragraph form:

1. What is the problem or issue that warrants your taking a stand? What is the situation or circumstance that needs to be changed?

2. What do you propose to solve some aspect of that problem or improve upon that issue? In a brief sentence or two, what change are you proposing?

3. What issues of feasibility will you have to consider? Are there costs/labor/time/etc. involved? You do not need to explain all of these aspects yet, just identify the questions of feasibility that you will need to address in the paper.

4. Who will you audience be? Why? How do you want that audience to respond to you proposal? Will they be able to put your plan into action or are you asking them to provide support for a plan that will be carried out by someone else?

5. Who might disagree with you? Who might have a different solution or proposal? What do you know about any potential opposition to your proposal?

6. Briefly explain the connection between your proposal argument and your archival research. How does your archival research inform or influence your proposal?

Due in class on October 20th, typed and printed.

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