Teaching Philosophy

I see the courses I teach as an opportunity to show students that many aspects of science are directly related to their lives. It is important to demonstrate the applicability and relevance of what we study to successfully engage students.

I want students to realize that the courses they take, including mine, are nothing more than structured means of professional development. That every time they learn something new, they should be thinking: “how is this going to fit in taking my career where I want it to be?”

Taking my class should not be about learning to code or perform a couple of specific analyses; it should be about adding to their professional toolbox and thinking about how they will make that knowledge useful to accomplish their objectives.

By acquiring knowledge, and learning how to seek and utilize resources, my philosophy as a teacher is to show students that they can learn how to do things on their own, as long as they know how to seek and utilize the proper resources that will enable them to reach their goal.