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Passion Blog and Civic Issues Choices

January 22, 2015 by Garren Christopher Stamp   

For my Passion Blog I have decided to write about and review a new record that I purchase. I have a decent record collection but I really want to continue to add to it. I plan to pick a new album, preferably one that I don’t know that much about. I will give some background on the artist and the album itself. I will discuss possible influences on the record and the artist. I will then review the album as a whole and include individual reviews of specific songs that on the record that I either really like or dislike. This will allow me to continue my blog theme of music, but allow me to expand on bands other than the Grateful Dead.

For my Civic issues blog I want to right about gun rights. Guns are an important part of our society and our right to own them is guaranteed by the second amendment. However, restrictions on gun ownership as well as what type of guns civilians should be allowed to own place limits on this constitutional right. Also massive shooting and other gun related issues have brought the discussion of much more restrictive gun laws. As a gun owner and avid hunter this issue is very crucial to me. I think this topic has many different facets to it so there will be a lot to talk about it and since it is an ever evolving issue there will be recent changes that I can talk about and incorporate into my blog.


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