About Us

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development movement. It was initiated in 2003 by students from Marquette University that traveled with doctors to provide medical care to rural communities in Honduras. Between 2007 and 2009, the organization expanded to serve other needs within the communities, leading to the establishment of 9 total disciplines: Medical, Business, Water, Public Health, Microfinance, Environmental, Architecture, Human Rights (previously called Law), and Dental Brigades. Programs have also expanded from Honduras to Panama, Ghana, and Nicaragua.

Global Brigades aims to resolve global health and economic disparities by empowering student volunteers, local professionals, and community members in a collaborative holistic approach to sustainable development

Penn State Global Brigades

Penn State Global Brigades began in 2007 with the establishment of the university’s chapter of Global Medical Brigades. Since then, additional chapters have emerged, creating a network of 7 total chapters, representing all 9 disciplines of Global Brigades. The 7 chapters are also supported by a GB Campus Council that coordinates joint activities and events. Having one of the largest university GB networks in the world, Penn State serves to pave the way as a leader in student empowerment and involvement in Global Brigades programs. Powered by hundreds of inspired young students, Penn State Global Brigades participates in service trips abroad, local volunteer projects within the State College community, and a variety of other activities around campus.

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