PSU IL Badges


Layout of our digital badges, both information literacy and library connection

Digital Badging Hierarchy

The Penn State information literacy badge set is 10 base level badges (shown above in grey) which span 3 different topic areas and 5 foundational level badges. The base level badges are comprised of the “Savvy Searcher” set, the “Questioner of Information” set, and in the “Organizer of Information” set. The foundational level badges are not connected to the base level badges as prerequisites and badges can be combined in different ways. Each badge requires user’s complete several steps, to demonstrate specific understanding of an information literacy topic.  To see and earn all the badges in the set, you can join the open group on the PSU badging platform.

Completion of each of the badges in a set will make the earner eligible for a “Meta badge” (shown in blue) in that area, also called missions. Meta Badges demonstrate a more thorough proficiency in a given topic area and the recognition they afford can also be used to entice earners to complete more base level badges than they otherwise would have.

For users who wish to demonstrate the ultimate mastery of information literacy, the Uber badge (shown in Gold) is available to anyone who has completed all 3 meta badges and proven their mastery.


For more details about each badge set:
Savvy Searcher
Questioner of Information
Organizer of Information

To start earning our badges, start at the Penn State badging platform. You can log in with a PSU Access Account, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

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