Message from the Director

During this month of thanksgiving, I have been counting my blessings, and when I do, I count you all twice! Someone has said that the Inuit of Canada’s North have over 100 words for snow. I wish there were that many for thank you, because I’d use every one of them in this message today. Simply put, if it weren’t for faithful donors like you, we wouldn’t exist. So thank you for making the gifts that we need to make a difference in the lives of our students.

N. Susan Woodring
N. Susan Woodring

Often, I receive checks in the mail that say, “Use where needed most.” Those four words on your check have impacted or changed the lives of students who may need to purchase a textbook or pay the balance of their tuition—or purchase a bus ticket to get home for an unexpected family emergency.

Martin Luther said that if you want to change the world you should pick up your pen. Listed in this issue of IvyLink are the names of nearly 1,000 donors who had the desire to do their part to change the world and picked up their pens. Thank you, and thank you again. (And don’t ever run out of ink!)

I wanted this message to be simple. I hope that its simplicity speaks to your hearts as your gifts have spoken to mine.

Wishing you all the hope, wonder, and joy that this season can bring!

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N. Susan Woodring
Director of Development and Alumni Relations