Ivyside Eats

We offer students a variety of solutions to fight the growing food insecurity problem faced by many on our campus. 



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Assistance can happen by contacting ivysideeats@psu.edu. 

No Penn State Altoona student goes hungry!


  • 15.5% of respondents reported difficulty studying because of hunger and not enough money for food
  • 24.4% reported cutting the size of meals or skipping meals because of not enough money for food
- 2019 Project Cahir Survey

Our Mission

With help from students, staff, and a loving community, Ivyside Eats is taking action to reduce the student hunger rate through education, food drives, donations, volunteering, and community events. 

About Our Food Pantry

With continued rising costs, food insecurity in college students has become increasingly more profound.  To combat this, Ivyside Eats provides students various foods and hygienic products with complete anonymity. We do this with the hope that we can reduce the student hunger rate at Penn State Altoona. 

How do I get Food?

Want to learn how you can get free food on campus? Check out our FAQ’s page below. 

Online Ordering

Try out our online ordering system to get your food fast, free, and with ease! 

Visit Us

Stop by  Smith C112 located on the Penn State Altoona campus. 


Smith C112 

3000 Ivyside Park, Altoona PA, 16601

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Food Pantry usage IS OPEN!!! 

Contact Sue at sap406@psu.edu

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