Earth Day Rap Extra Credit

This was a very different commercial than we are used to in 2015 which made in funny in a many ways. Taking place in 1990, Quincy Jones, Fresh Prince, Tone Loc, Queen Latifah, Ice T, Kid N Play and Heavy all got together to raise awareness of the dangers we are causing to our home, the Earth, and promoting change. Although this video is ridiculous in many ways, there are many rhetorical strategies that were used by the produces to grab viewers attentions and truly make an impact. Throughout the video, evidence of ethos, pathos, and logos were all used to support this cause.

To promote ethos in this commercial or video many famous rappers were used to grab the attention of the audience. If famous people are used in advertisements, there is a trust that is already pre existing between the famous icon and their viewers. The public is more keen to agree with an idea or follow a cause if a famous person the public loves is supporting it. And there is even more support if the icons are leading in the cause like these famous rappers seem to be in the video. They are teaching children and the public of the horrible things the human race is doing to the environment and people will listen to them. Another form of ethos is the fact that everyone in the audience of the video was represented. All ages, genders, and ethnicities were represented which shows the unity of this problem. How it is not just one person or one group problem, but the entire human race.

Through pathos, the video promotes the importance of working together as a community, as a nation, and as a world population, just as the lyrics of the rappers state, “working together, we have to clean up”. As corny as the song is, it is very catchy. It shows that Earth Day can be fun and other should want to get up and dance and join in with the famous rappers. There is much pathos of fear the audience hears in some of the lyrics, “the next generation can’t enjoy fresh air out there”, “we take our water for granted”, “if not for our sake, for our children’s sake”. Even though the song and rap sounds upbeat and lighthearted, the words do have heavy meaning to them that should greatly affect those that hear them. The scared feeling that people should feel when listening to this song should push people forward to making a difference.

Lastly through the use of informative lyrics, the rap raises the awareness of many horrors happening in our world. Some topics brought up include oceans used to dump toxic waste, the greenhouse effect, the corrosion of toxic chemicals, the damage of disposable bug spray cans, and many more. This commercial emphasizes the fact that pollution is bad and we as a human race must do something about this problem. The human race doesn’t really have a choice, this Earth is our home and we need to work on saving it in every way possible.