RCL # 7 It’s What I Do

Addario’s novel enable her readers to sympathize and empathize with the people suffering in her photos.  The images that Addario incorporates provide us with the ability to visualize these people’s reality.  The tears and facial expressions in these images delineate the harsh environment of some countries where women struggle to find equality and children liv in fear everyday.  Through the effect of these images, Addario’s readers try to understand the differences between individuals’ opinions of a normal life.
In the last section of images of Addario’s It’s What I Do, the thirteenth image depicts a young woman named, Kahindo, who was kidnapped by rwandan soldiers for three years.  While Kahindo was held captive, she was raped and had two children.  In this image, Kahindo and her children are looking out of the window in their home, while the light shines through.  Her children look content and innocent because they cannot understand the challenges that they will face in their life.  However, Kahindo looks out of her window with fear and concern in her eyes.  Since she has endured many hardships, Kahindo fears for the lives of her children.
The thirty-ninth image in the last section of images portrays a woman suffering from dehydration and starvation.  The young woman’s eyes are closed and her face shows the pain that she carries with her.  The children surrounding this woman are trying to feed her biscuits because they understand the challenge of living without food and water.  This image demonstrates the compassion of others through the love from these children, which is necessary in this time of turmoil.
I can incorporate images of my dogs playing and enjoying their lives to emphasize the significance of dogs in my life.   I can capture their warmth and optimistic energy through pictures of them running around and enjoying the outdoors.  Through these images of my dogs, I will demonstrate their ability to brighten anyone’s day.

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