RCL #9 TED talk Script Draft

Topic: Human Trafficking
Purpose: The purpose is to increase awareness for human trafficking, which causes human beings to believe that they lack free will.
Thesis Statement: Young adults who have experienced the trauma of human trafficking must be treated medically with respect.

Attention Strategy – Since I want to be a pediatrician, I want to learn about patient care especially patients who have endured hardships.  I want survivors of human trafficking to be treated equally with dignity and respect as survivors instead of pitied as victims of this problem.

Main Idea  – Survivors of human trafficking endure abuse and torture that deeply affects their mental, physical, and emotional health.
1. Victims experience poor living and working conditions, violence, abuse, malnutrition, and substance abuse.
2. From these major impacts on their lives, survivors deal with depression, anxiety, trust issues, and PTSD.
Main Idea – Medical Professionals are unaware of the warning signs of human trafficking, which prevents them from stopping this form of modern slavery.
1. In a study of Canadian medical school students, 88.8% of people were unaware of the signs and symptoms of human trafficking
2. 76% of these students thought that learning about these signs was important in medical school
Main Idea – The silence regarding human trafficking must end.
1. Sober houses should be created for survivors of human trafficking so that these young girls and women can support each other through their long journey of recovery.

Concluding Remark – Through raising awareness and breaking the trend of silence toward this tragic reality, survivors will encourage other survivors to strive for the recovery that they deserve.

Slides – The slides will emphasize the trauma that these young teenagers experience who are not extremely different from us.
Slide 1: A survivor of human trafficking’s story.
Slide 2: A survivor of human trafficking’s story.
Slide 3: A survivor of human trafficking’s story.

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