The Book of…the Browns

Image result for sister wives“Hello…my name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you” the lives of the Brown family.  This opening statement combines two of my favorite things, “The Book of Mormon” and the television show Sister Wives.  While the Book of Mormon is not related to this lovely family,  the thing they have in common is they both involve the Mormonism.  However, this show involves so much more than that.  The Brown family teaches us about the importance of choosing one’s own path and the importance of community.

The Brown family is a polygamist family, consisting of one husband and four wives.  To the ordinary person this is strange and in most states illegal.  However, this is the life that they chose to live so let’s embrace them.  This family is very invested in the future of their children.  Unlike other famous families, like my other favorite the Kardashians, these children are all set up on the path to go to college and forge their own identities.  One child went to school for business, while another went to school for medicine and finally one went to school and realized it was not for them and dropped out and is now living a happy married life.  These were all the lives that these children chose to have, not one’s their parents forced.

They also embrace the differences in their children. For some, especially those extremely religious, learning your child was gay is a problem, but this family embraced it.   They also do not make their children  live this lifestyle in the future. This teaches us that if this unusual family can allow their children to live their own lives anyone can.Image result for the brown family

Growing up I remember playing on the streets with my friends until the street light appeared.  Imagine if the same sense of community and support that this created was in one’s life all the time.  Well this is the case for the Brown family.  They are constantly around one another, in fact, their cul-de-sac is just their family.  This community helps allow the children to always feel supported in their present and future lives.  In fact, each mother takes a different role in this community.  The one mother is more realistic, while another one of the mother’s is funnier, another is more caring, and another spoilers the children more.  Having the support of all of these people helps these children turn out great.  Teaching us it really does take a community to raise a child.

While we cannot always have all these adults around us all the time because most of us only have two parents, we must embrace this community when it appears because it helps make us better people.  The more support one has the happier they will be.

The Brown family is one that we are often not used to seeing in the United States of America.  However, although they are different they teach us valuable information.  They teach us the importance of community and the importance of letting children become independent people and make their own choices.

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  1. Hello my name is Tiffany and I’m a single mother of two, I’ve been watching your lives layout on the television and I think what you 5 have is amazing!!!! I have a question is it hard to make the change from monogamist family to pleural?

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