Black and white image of brain neurons

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Learning-related changes in the strength of neuronal connections in the brain not only underlie memory formation and storage but are also affected by drugs of abuse, such as nicotine or alcohol. The goal of the NILA lab is to use genetic, pharmacological, behavioral, and molecular techniques to study the effects of these drugs on the neurobiology of learning and memory.

Image of white mouse and an ilustration of its brain and hippocampus

Specific Interests

  • The neurobiology of learning and memory
  • The effects of acute nicotine, chronic nicotine, and withdrawal from chronic nicotine on learning and underlying neural substrates
  • Unique vulnerability to the effects of nicotine exposure on learning and memory in adolescence
  • The effects of nicotine exposure on epigenetic markers
  • Genenetic vulnerability to nicotine addiction
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