PASSION BLOG #4: Battle of the Bunnies

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most iconic figures in world history and specifically European history. He was a French military general, and later went on to became France’s first emperor. He is known as one of the world greatest military leaders, and was a force to be reckoned with in his peak. One day, Napoleon wanted to hunt rabbits with his friends. He had just signed a treaty to end a war with Russia, and needed to blow off some steam. The rabbit hunting session took place at Napoleon’s good friend, Baron Berthier’s house in the countryside. In order to prepare, Berthier┬áreleased cages of captured rabbits into the field while him and his hunter friends lined up for the event. The only problem was that the horde of rabbits were not wild; instead, they were farm rabbits. This mix up caused them to run towards the group of men for food instead of scattering into the forest. The hungry rabbits specifically targeted Napoleon and began to jump on him and run up his legs as he danced around attempting to fling them off. The horde of rabbits almost knocked the smaller-than-average Napoleon down, and he was left with only one choice – to abandon the hunt. He ran to his royal carriage to escape the madness, although he could never escape the embarrassment of almost being taken down by the fuzzy creatures.

This just goes to show that even the most powerful humans on earth are no match for the wildness of the animal kingdom. Napoleon was the most influential figure on Earth during this time period and was feared by many leaders across Europe and even across the seas. What had started as an innocent and fun activity with friends had quickly turned into a terrifying experience. Although Napoleon had won many bloody and difficult battles against some of the strongest military countries in the world, the bunny horde was one striking opponent he never saw coming.

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  1. Blowing off steam by hunting rabbits? I never thought of that as a stress reliever! I really enjoyed reading this because I do not have much knowledge on the topic and it’s fun read. Napoleon seems like he might need a new opponent instead of little bunnies!

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