Photo of the Mano ROM device, a gray cloth sleeve with the mechanical components of the device and wires attached


Tarleton State University

Brittney Hicks, Shelby Mankins, Lindsay Barton, Wes Muse, Cody Strain, Harley Bonnell, and Joseph Roman

The “Mano-ROM” therapeutic device was designed to assist those that have lost function of their hand. The device will help the patient by gently forcing their hand open into extension, therefore increasing range of motion. The patient will gradually regain lost range of motion in their hand as well as prevent further deterioration of the muscle. The final design solution was chosen due to the device being user friendly, which allows for the individual to be independent while using the Mano-ROM. Also taken into consideration was the small size, cost and speed rate at which the device moves. The Mano-ROM was created to be a mobile device for therapy, as well as an inexpensive tool used for patients with hand paralysis.

RESNA Design Brief

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