I obtained my Ph.D. in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University in Dec. 2019. I joined Baidu Research, USA after graduation focusing on NLP projects (e.g., word embedding and machine translation). I was a research assistant in the Data Analytics Lab advised by Dr. Xiang Zhang. I did internships in Baidu Big Data Lab (summer 2018, mentor: Dr. Jun Huan) and NEC Labs, America (summer 2019, mentor: Dr. Jianwu Xu). During my Ph.D. study, I was working on graph mining projects (e.g., network embedding) using geometric deep learning techniques and reinforcement learning techniques. Two of my papers were nominated for the Best Paper of ICDM 2017 and 2018, respectively.


  • I joined Baidu Research at the end of 2019
  • I have passed my Ph.D. dissertation defense on Sep. 25th 2019. Dissertation title: “Local Community Detection on Complex Networks”
  • One paper is accepted by WSDM 2020.

Honors & Awards:

  • ICDM Best Paper Candidate                                                                                                 11/2018
  • First place winner (Eng.) in the 33rd annual PSU Graduate Exhibition (News)                03/2018
  • ICDM Best Paper Candidate                                                                                                 11/2017
  • IST Travel Award                                                                                                        10/2017, 11/2018
  • ICDM Student Travel Award                                                                                    10/2017, 11/2018
  • Tianjin Excellent Master Thesis Dissertation Award                                                     12/2015
  • National Scholarship (Graduate Students)                                                                      12/2012
  • Top10 excellent students in science and technology at Tianjin University                      11/2011
  • 1st prize of 5th  “National Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup” (3/65)                   08/2011
  • Excellent undergraduate student at Tianjin University (6/175)                                          07/2010
  • 1st prize of 3th “National Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup” (5/53)                    08/2009