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Web Archiving in Libraries and Archives (and at Penn State)

Screen shot of Penn State's partner page on Archive-It

Penn State’s Partner Page on Archive-It

This post was written by Ben Goldman, Digital Records Archivist.

In honor of Preservation Week, I wanted to provide an introductory post (what I hope will be the first of several) on web archiving. An enormous amount of cultural heritage is now published online, which presents both opportunities and challenges for archivists charged with collecting, preserving, and making accessible documentation for future generations. An entire blog post (or more) could be devoted to describing these opportunities and challenges in greater depth, but the New Yorker has already done so with an elegance I could not hope to surpass. I highly recommend spending some time with “The Cobweb,” by Jill Lepore, on (I even sent this article to my parents as a way of explaining what I do).

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