Social media and GPA

It seems like social media is everywhere now and people spend a substantial amount of time using it. However we are still understanding the impact that social media can have on our lives and mental health. One area that it may have an impact on is school and grades. Many students use technology for their studies but it can also be distracting. A study was conducted by the University of Trento in Italy to examine the impact social media has on students’ grades.

This study was unique for it used an app on the participants phones to record data. The data that was collected was time and the apps that were used(Giunchiglia, Zeni, Gobbi, Bignotti, & Bison, 2018). The study lasted two weeks and included 72 students(). The student’s GPAs were provided by the University (Giunchiglia, Zeni, Gobbi, Bignotti, & Bison, 2018). It was determined that using social media does has a negative impact on GPA(Giunchiglia, Zeni, Gobbi, Bignotti, & Bison, 2018).

In conclusion it appears that using social media can be a distraction, and can have negative consequences on a students GPA(Giunchiglia, Zeni, Gobbi, Bignotti, & Bison, 2018). Students can turn off their phones or use apps to help them focus on studying without any distractions from there social media accounts.


Giunchiglia, F., Zeni, M., Gobbi, E., Bignotti, E., & Bison, I. (2018). Mobile social media usage and academic performance. Computers in Human Behavior, 82. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2017.12.041


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