Temecula wedding


On May 20, 2015 Valerie and I were married at the Ponte Vineyard Inn  in Temecula CA. We settled on a very small ceremony for her family and closest friends. About an hour before it began our saxophonist Naomi arrived. She played a mix of sacred and secular tunes, including Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Val was, and is!

Her brother Roger, an ordained Adventist clergyman, officiated. He cracked her, me, and everyone up when he introduced the new bride as “Kim” – his own wife’s name.

The wedding was a big deal for Val (her first) and her family. I thought I was playing my part for her sake. To my surprise, I found the exchange of vows a little moving. Also moving were my knees, which shook noticeably, to everyone’s amusement. It was a beautiful day, and evermore a cherished memory.


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