Week 6

Welcome to Week 6! Here’s what we’ve got coming up for this week.

  • Reading: Davis; Schweder & Wissick; McCrea
  • Blog post: (see Lessons>Week 6 in Angel for suggested questions or topics to consider)
  • Blog comments: comment on at least two other students’ posts

While I’m on the subject of wikis, please be sure to navigate over to our course wiki to make sure that you can login. If you can’t, please email me asap. While you’re there, I highly encourage you to play around with it – e.g., create new pages, add content, revise, etc. so you’re familiar with it once you start using it for projects directly related to the course.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. Phil Post author

    Hi Rachel- check your spam/junk mail folder. Sometimes the system will route it there.

  2. Rachel H Tan

    Hi @Phil, I am with PSU Helpdesk now and I can’t access the Class Wiki. My password is good for accessing cms.psu.edu (verified)

    Could you double check at your end wrt my access to Class Wiki?
    I’m leaving Singapore today – back on Monday. So I’ll be late with my assignment (again) Thanks!

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