Spring Kyu Exam Results 2019

Congratulations to Chris who went from 2nd kyu to 1st kyu (brown belt), Aditya went from 5b kyu to 4th kyu (purple belt), Shuling went from 10th kyu to 8th kyu (yellow belt) and Hannah went from 10th kyu to 8th kyu (yellow belt)!

Fall Kyu Exam Results 2018

Congratulations to Chris who went from 3rd kyu to 2nd kyu brown belt, Aditya went from 7th kyu to 5b purple belt and Daniela went from 10th kyu to 7b orange belt! You worked very hard for these ranks and sincerely deserve it!



Schedule for Fall 2018

The practice starts on Sept. 25, 2018.

Timings are: 6 to 7:30, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Location: Room 7, IM Building

Registration link: link

Starting this year Penn State has made some changes to the club’s status. Now they require all members to pay $35 per semester. Everyone is allowed one trial class before paying the fees. I’m quoting their trial class policy below:

They would call our office and give their name and nine digit number. Then we add them to the roster on the day they intend to come to watch. They stop at the front desk and pay the guest fee (unless they are a current psu student, then no fee) They are allowed one trial class if they pre approve it with the office.

The office refers to the Campus Recreation office: 814-867-1600 | recmembership@psu.edu
Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.