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A (not so) Recently Acquired Obsession: All Things Korean

kimchi ingredientsFor about the last year and a half, for a still unknown reason, I have become engrossed in a love of all things South Korean. As far as I know , I have no known Korean connections… yet, I am strangely drawn to many aspects of their culture.

A chance meeting with a Korean drama (the genre is also known as a Kdrama) called Fated to Love You, got me started, and from that point, there was no turning back. I think I really love the story lines – they are reminiscent of the reasons why I love Jane Austen so much. The person just trying to live a good life who triumphs over the superficial characters around her -and in spite of problems of crossing social barriers and economic status, manages to win love and happiness at the end of the day. What’s not to love?!

I’m also really interested in the editing of their Kdramas, too. They churn these things out like there’s no tomorrow, so if you get hooked (I’ve warned you),  you don’t have to worry about running out of good shows to watch! And yet, they masterfully weave music, story line, scenery, and characters in such a way that you fall under their spell before you know it has happened!

Some of my recent fav’s – Oh My Venus and Late Night Restaurant. UPDATE – two new fav’s – My Dear Friends and Answer Me 1988

On the game show side of things, Running Man is the ultimate in hilarity! The ensemble cast has it down to a science. The naturally reserved culture makes for many opportunities for laughs. During one of the darkest times of my life, Running Man came to my rescue time and time again, making me laugh right out loud!

From music, to food, to films, TV shows, and game shows, there is something there that appeals to me so strongly! Music? Say no more – KPop is legendary, but if you aren’t in for teen idols, check out this current favorite – for a sense of the beautiful lyrical quality To You by Sung Si Kyung.

OK, OK… yes, I’m a hopeless romantic, but why not!!!??

Over spring break last month, my husband and I decided to try our hand at making Kimchi – the picture above! It was delicious!! We ate it in soup, with rice, in savory pancakes…YUMMY fermented goodness!

So, I have about 5 years until I can semi-retire… and I am thinking, hmmmm, if this interest keeps up, maybe I’ll try my hand at teaching English for a semester or two over there! That would take some courage to make this dream come to life… but why not!! Life is so short some times… Makes me wonder what everyone else is thinking about as their work life Part II!!! I hope you share if you are also loving all things Hanguk!!!


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