About Us


The Dear Hero Program is entirely devoted to raising the morale of deployed troops, as well as support for our wounded veterans.


The Dear Hero Program is an undergraduate student organization at Penn State – University Park that was founded December 2, 2010 by the girlfriend of an active duty Marine. After his return from a deployment to Afghanistan, our founder discovered that, while her Marine was spoiled with letters and care packages, some of his buddies received nothing throughout the entirety of their deployment. Inspired by their service to our country and saddened by the support they lacked, she knew she had to do more. With that, and the help of two other Marine girlfriends and an Army daughter, the Dear Hero Program grew from just a small idea to obtaining official status, recognized by the Pennsylvania State University, in a few weeks.

About Us

The Dear Hero Program is made up of everyone from military girlfriends to veterans, ROTC members to family members, and others that simply want to show their support for our troops.  While still a growing organization, our executive board works together to ensure that we make the biggest impact possible. Letters and care packages sent overseas are a large part of how we show our appreciation and support for our troops, but it’s not the only way. The Dear Hero Program is eager to get the surrounding community involved in our efforts. In our first few years, we’ve worked with local girl scout troops, middle school students, other Penn State student organizations, a local parish, and a few others to further our impact. Members of The Dear Hero Program have recently become trained volunteers at the closest VA hospital and are excited to show more of their support through volunteering. We look forward to expanding our efforts and taking on larger events to raise money, support, and awareness for our mission.

Note: This organization has no political affiliation or agenda.