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Maryam Mirzakhani, the mother who won Fields Medal

Unbelievable and heartbreaking! Our role model since elementary school dies at 40! I still remember the days I was struggling to learn her book written for young math lovers to prepare for math Olympiad. She was ahead of us as a senior but she passed all the elevation steps very fast, and soon she became Stanford professor while she had a little girl.

Her milestone completed when she won Fields Medal in Math (the most prestigious award equivalent to Nobel prize). As a woman, her accomplishment is not only inspiring for all Iranians but also specially for all women in fundamental sciences. Definitely her work helps the other mathematicians in the field, but her humble character wasn’t self-explanatory.

Unfortunately her life was short but fruitful for all of us not only from scientific aspects but also other societal aspects as a public figure like Galois, Ramanujan, and Riemann.  May she rest in peace.