Bald Eagle Picnic (September 7th, 2019)

Dear Friends

Happy new academic year, let’s enjoy the weather before it goes too cold!
ISA has planned a picnic at Bald Eagle Park (Location) on Saturday, September 7th, with Lunch (Burgers, Veggie burgers, Joojeh-Kabab, and sides) and games. You are more than welcome to bring your special side/salad/ meals/ non-alcoholic drinks and invite your foreign friends to join us.

Please RSVP (by this Link) By the form, you can inform us if you can give a ride or need a ride to the location (about 30 minutes drive from campus) and the number of people accompanying you, as well.

Time: Saturday, September 7th, 12 PM to 6 PM
Location: Bald Eagle Park (Location)
Cover Fee: 10$ (Bring your cash please, Soheil will take the fee)
and, don’t forget to RSVP (by this Link)

Waiting to see you all,

ISA Officers

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