This I Believe Rough Draft

So my This I Believe speech took a very wide turn from what I had previously chosen to talk about due to some sudden inspiration and reflection on how I truly feel about everything that’s been happening in the world recently.

I believe that despite all of the fractures that have spider-webbed across the soul of our nation throughout its existence and specifically considering these past few months, at its core, my country – the United States of America – is still determined to uphold the virtues and beliefs on which it was founded by having given the true power of action to its citizens.

Two hundred forty-one years ago, this nation was established with the belief that through hard work and cooperation, freedom from oppression can one day become attainable for everyone. Although there is substantial proof this has not always been carried out in practice, the essence of this conviction can still be seen within the rich history of the American people. My words cannot begin to express the deep pride I feel every day as a citizen of this country that has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, both at home and abroad.

However, I feel a great responsibility hovering over present-day Americans like myself, urging me to live up to these expectations and become a real-life example of empathy and resilience. To me, being an American means inheriting the duty to uphold the legacy of my country’s founding fathers by protecting individual liberties, preserving justice, and essentially building a better life for myself and my fellow citizens. This certainty that the rights to which we are entitled as members of a free nation – and more importantly, humanity – must be defended blazes in the hearts of American citizens and most definitely in my own. America is a nation of opportunity, perseverance, and most of all, hope. It is a nation in which we are free to speak our minds and advise those who stand for tyranny or corruption that neither will be tolerated here. I believe that the United States of America has been and will always be a shining beacon of hope in the dismal sea of subjugation and desolation that plagues the world because of the fortitude and understanding shown by its citizens.

*This is a very rough version of the final speech, and several changes to word choice and idea focus will be made at a later time.

One thought on “This I Believe Rough Draft

  1. I think you’re off to a great start so far. The TIB essay is very personal and I like that you chose a very formal tone with it given the severity and seriousness of your topic. The essay itself is very conceptual and there is nothing wrong with that. However I think some more concrete examples either in the national headlines or from your own personal experience to show just how American citizens uphold fortitude or the virtues and beliefs of their nation. A greater examination of the rights that help us build towards those virtues would also help your essay. Overall I think it’s a good first draft and I know your final product will be even better.
    – Andrew Gavinet

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