Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Civic Response to the Paris Attacks

Almost everyone has been talking about the recent tragic Paris terrorist attacks. There has been a reported six attacks at various locations including multiple restaurants and bars, outside of a soccer stadium, and a concert hall. More than 120 people have been killed with an additional 352 wounded by the ISIS terrorists. Although the attacks are tragic,  we can still find civic across the entire world in the aftermath of the tragic events.

Many countries addressed the acts of terrorism and have given condolences to the people of France. The United States in particular sympathizes with France due to their remembrance of the past 9/11 terrorist attacks. The ability of technology and the media to spread and show the news of these attacks has lead to the heightened civic unity of the entire world.


The support for the people of Paris can be seen with the illumination of multiple important monuments with French colors all over the world. There is something truly amazing about how people from all over the world are giving their thoughts and condolences to France during their difficult times. This clearly shows how the world is becoming a smaller place as technology has allowed for the spreading of ideas and news to almost every corner of the globe.

I also found Facebook to be plastered with profile pictures that have been altered with French colors in order to show support. It may seem like a very small and insignificant act, but it is a means for individuals to lend support in their own way and helps to spread the news of the attacks to those who have not received it.


As the globalization of the world continues it causes individuals to think more as  citizens of the world. This allows for the growth of civic at a grand scale like in the case of the global response to the Paris attacks. It is interesting to think how we can find civic in even the most unfortunate and tragic things.