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Tiki Toki Timeline

An interactive timeline of information, events, and research related to ceramic water filters. This timeline was produced with support from an MRI Humanitarian Materials Initiative grant, The Pennsylvania State University.

How to Make a Ceramic Water Filter


Water Information

Basic Information about Regulated Drinking Water Contaminants and Indicators (EPA)

Water Research and Education at Penn State

Safe Water for 1 Billion People


Mindmeister Mindmaps




A bibliography compiled by Henry Pisciotta, Arts and Architecture Librarian at Penn State, in support of Collaborative Creative Resistance. This bibliography offers publications and some “starter” web sites, for those interested in learning more about art and art education focused on sustainability and community action.

Carpenter, B. S., Cornelius, A.,* & Sherow, E.* (2010). Water: Contemporary art and social issuesArt Education, 63(6), 25-32.

This Instructional Resource is based on our current efforts as part of an interdisciplinary project where artists, community members, engineers, social activists, and educators are working together to make positive change in people’s lives. Water, as a subject, symbol, and life-sustaining substance, is the focus of our our work and the interdisciplinary curriculum it has inspired. We have found that interdisciplinary approaches in partnership with inspiration from real life social issues can provide central point of focus or a series of meaningul learning experiences that relate to current interests in global and green movements (Anderson, 2000; Simon, 2006), sustainability (Chilman, 2004), and contemporary social projects (Coutts & Rusling, 2002; Taylor, 2002)