This I Believe Unconditionally

My earliest memory in life is each night before bed my parents would each say “I love you.” It confused me because it felt redundant to hear the same three words each night. “I get it, I love you too” I would think. When I told my mother this, she simply your father and I don’t just love you. We love and whether you get it or not, you will hear this every night. To this day my mom still calls every day to say “I love you.” It is with this knowledge (and feeling) that I have come to believe in unconditional love. My Noni put it best in my graduation gift which read, “if I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are. Never forget I love you.” Just reading this brings a flutter of emotions into my body. I can remember how mischievous my twin brother and I had been growing up, but no act had been as devilish as the time we locked our Noni out of her house. Rightfully so, my parents were told of our misbehavior and we were promptly spanked by our father for disrespecting her on our arrival home; however, Noni wasn’t concerned with the angst we had caused her, only the grief she felt from knowing we were punished (and hurt) as a result. Thereafter, even on our worst behavior Noni never said we were anything but “her little angels”. This I believe is unconditional love. I believe unconditional love has no bounds. Dorming with my brother this year has only solidified this belief. The screaming battle we have had over announces cause by living in such close quarters, for actions as simple as breathing – things were rough towards the end of the fall semester–makes me feel bad for our dorm neighbors. Yet, even after the worst of our arguments were able to wake up the next day and act as if nothing was wrong. Even in our most rocky patches, Jacob would stick up for person actions he deemed unacceptable towards me even if I had had no problem with them.  This is unconditional love and this I believe.


This is an extremely rough draft for my podcast. I still need to go back and edit the piece as a whole but let me know what you think!

4 Thoughts.

  1. The quote you brought in from your Noni on your graduation gift hit me hard. It brought a lot of clarity to your thesis. I find it very rare to develop a type of relationship with someone that involves unconditional love (even with my family members), so your ability to demonstrate the quality of unconditional love in different capacities was eye-opening. I think that you have a solid foundation for your podcast – just look out for some missed words in your sentences.

  2. This is going to be such a nice podcast!! I like how all of your stories string together into one common theme and you tie it all together super well. One thing I would consider adding is more of a reflection after your story about locking out your Noni, before moving on to living to your brother.

  3. This is such a cute story and your belief perfectly lines up with it. Also, something that stood out to me was your conclusion because it was very creative. Just a few minor improvements and then you will be set!

  4. Great story, just one thing in particular I would mention is that you never specifically mention who Noni is. Now I can assume she is your grandmother, but if you don’t mention that upfront it might take a bit for listeners to understand who you’re talking about.

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