NSF and NASA Funding for SETI

I wrote way back when about the amount of funding that NASA and the NSF has provided for SETI since the program at NASA was canceled in 1993. It turns out that there have been a few grants scattered over the years, but they amount to not even enough to fund two people over that time.

Since then, there have been some successful grants! In addition to the NASA Technosignatures Workshop in 2018, there have now been a few grants to external PIs.

Below is a (continuously updated) list of the ones I know about:


  • AST-2003582: “Participant Support for the first Penn State SETI Symposium” $49,400. PI: Jason Wright, 1/1/2020–12/31/2021, extended until symposium meets
  • NSF 1950897: “REU Site: Berkeley SETI Research Center” $323,947. PI: Stephen Croft, 3/1/2020–2/28/2022
  • NSF 2244242: “REU Site: Berkeley SETI Research Center” $437,654. PI Stephen Croft, 3/1/2023–2/28/2026


  • NASA 80NSSC20K0622 (Exobiology): “Characterizing Atmospheric Technosignatures” $286,926. PI: Adam Frank, 12/15/2019–12/14/2022
  • NASA 80NSSC20K1109 (Exobiology): $11,679, “TechnoClimes: A Workshop to Develop a Research Agenda for Non-Radio Technosignatures” PI: Jacob Haqq-Misra
  • NASA 80NSSC21K0398 (XRP) $593,536, “From Exocomets to Technosignatures: Hidden Occulters in Planetary Systems” PI:Ann Marie Cody, 1/1/2021–12/31/2023
  • NASA 80NSSC21K0575 (XRP) PI: “A Search for Exoplanets Around Newly Discovered Exoplanets” $362,939 PI:Jean-Luc Margot 2/8/2021-2/7/2024

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