Paper #1 Ideas

One of the ads I thought would be great for the rhetoric paper is the Sara McLachlan animal cruelty commercial. This commercial is a perfect example of pathos because it appeals to the sad and pitiful feelings of people towards the suffering animals in order to get them to donate money to the organization. Another technique to achieve the audience’s sympathy in the advertisement is using the song “In the arms of an angel…” while the speaker talks in a soft voice. Making Sara McLachlan, a celebrity, the face of the campaign against animal cruelty manifests ethos. She speaks in a smooth, gloomy, yet convincing voice that makes the people believe her. The logos part of the ad is when they show footage of the actual animals that were abused so the viewers can verify that the organization is not a scam.

The second ad I thought of was the Coca-Cola happiness campaign. This campaign has a series of commercials that promotes the way Coca-Cola can achieve or help people’s happiness. Some of the ads include strangers giving bottles of Coke to each other, a community eating dinner together, people making Christmas wishes come true, and many more. All of these ads relate to pathos because they appeal to the well-being and joy of people. Most of the scenarios in the commercials, as the company suggests it, are made with real people participating in the event Coca-Cola made for them to experience (not actors performing a scene). Also, they use statistics and facts to prove their point, which can be applied to logos. Sometimes, the company utilizes spokespeople such as celebrities or important figures to provide a seemingly more trustworthy perspective that is ethos.

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  1. I think that both advertisements would give you plenty to write your paper about. Especially, the Coca-Cola company which would have lots of different scenarios for you to work with. That advertisement also utilizes all three of the rhetoric schemes (ethos, pathos, and logos) so you would be able to really analyze that aspect of Aristotle’s theory on argument. It might also be a little less depressing to write a paper about 🙂

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