October–CGS Internship

By KELLY ANN DIAZ on October 23, 2013

Last week in the UK and French Culture Club, Katie and I taught our YSCP students about the British Royal Family. We showed pictures of the current family–Prince William, Kate Middleton, their baby, Queen Elizabeth, etc.–and gave them some fun facts about the family and the castles and palaces they own and reside in. We also gave them some history on deceased members of the royal family. Additionally, we showed some funny “Horrible History” videos on the War of the Roses, which the kids loved! They were funny but also informative.

This past Saturday, the Center for Global Studies paired with the Association for India’s Development and hosted a Henna booth at the State College Fall Festival. We had about four or five amazing artists! Co-intern Annie and I both got Henna tattoos during our shifts and they are truly beautiful! Our main tasks were keeping the line organized, helping kids (and a few adults) pick out their pattern/design, and assisting the artists in any way we could (grabbing water bottles, etc.).

Our booth was a huge success! Everyone loved how their designs turned out, and we almost always had a line of kids, babysitters, and parents waiting to get one. The artists and CGS interns were all in high spirits, especially considering how hot it was at our booth! Using the multi-colored construction paper hands that my fellow interns and I made, kids had the opportunity to draw their own designs to be replicated on their hands. Some original designs I saw were pumpkins, ghosts, flowers, hearts, initials/names, “I love Mom,” and a turtle.

Unfortunately, I have a class during the Comparative Literature Luncheons every week, but I hear that they are great! The themes are varied from week to week, but within each topic they are very specific. This series gives Penn State and visiting professors a chance to showcase their work and increase an interest and understanding among students and faculty.  Most attendees are in the College of Liberal Arts, but the topics could appeal to academics in a variety of fields. I encourage everyone to attend at least one this semester! They take place in 102 Kern every Monday at 12:15 p.m. Additionally, the Center for Global Studies hosts the “Brown Bag Lectures” on select Wednesday afternoons. Stay tuned for dates and themes for these great events!

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