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My Experience

Interning with the Center for Global Studies throughout this semester has been an indispensable experience. I have had the opportunity to partake in so many projects such as writing monthly collaborative newsletters about events on campus, creating flyers and PowerPoints, attending and photographing CGS’s Brown Bag Series, which included global studies related lectures given by professors and graduate students on topics such as sustainability, gender justice, Confucianism, expats in hardship locations, and many more. Additionally, I helped photograph and manage the Spring 2015 Undergraduate Thesis Symposium. During that time, I had the opportunity to listen to and learn about Penn State University and University of Pittsburgh students’ brilliant and innovative research topics with feedback from doctoral degree students.

One of my favorite things that I’ve done this semester was organizing and attending our World Stories Alive series at Schlow library. Lastly, my very favorite project that I have done this semester was run a Chinese mythology and folklore club at a local elementary school in State College called Young Scholars Charter School.

This internship has also helped me learn time management skills. During this semester I have had to write my honors thesis, keep up with demanding school work, and tutor English to Chinese students (my part-time job) all while completing CGS tasks. Somehow I’ve managed to do it all, thanks to the help of Sarah and Mary, and am finally ready to graduate and apply my newly developed global studies skills in the real world.13106039_10207661662231914_393717327_o

Semester Expectations

This is the first semester I am doing an internship with The Center for Global Studies at Penn State.  So far already within the first month, I have been a part of attending and/or organizing many enriching events. I’ve created flyers, worked with presenters, participated in the World Stories Alive event held at Schlow library with children and their parents, and also contributed to our monthly newsletter.

I think the most rewarding thing of all is that I started running my own club concerning Chinese Mythology and Folklore at YSCP charter school for children in Kindergarten through second grade.  I held my first club meeting last week and I taught the children about a traditional Chinese New Year legend. The kids were a lot to handle, but they have vast imaginations and an admirable willingness to learn and share. I am really looking forward to spending time with them throughout the rest of the semester.

Because I want to teach English to children in China after I graduate this semester, working with these kids will be extremely beneficial and a wonderful learning experience for me. I am grateful to the Global Studies program for creating these events and giving their interns a great deal of opportunity to get involved and gain more exposure in our respective fields.

Additionally, I am planning to organize an Asian Language day for all of the students learning Asian languages offered at Penn State. It is an opportunity for everyone to get together, share cultures and language, sing songs, and build a deeper connection and understanding with countries outside of their focus.

With my experiences as a Global Studies intern, I aspire to gain more skills in communication, time management, networking, and event planning and organization skills. I hope to keep doing more events like this throughout the semester and I can’t wait to see what the future of the Global Studies program holds.