• Assignment #1: Football

Description: Dr. Topp gave us students on the first day of class a small piece of paper with a football team on it. At first we had questions; is it like “futbol” or is this considered “American football”? He told us that we have to figure it out ourselves but hinted towards the American football, but that it was maybe just a certain league in Australia. Each student received a different team and the assignment is to research the team and to 1. give its nickname, 2. its team colors, 3. its team mascot, 4. its team song 5. and any extra info such as location, what they have won, etc. My team I received is named “Hawthorn”. Dr. Topp mentioned that it won a premier…not really sure what that is yet, but I will!

  • Assignment #2: Reflections

The second assignment is a reflection on two questions that Dr. Topp gave each student separately on a piece of paper. My two questions are “Will we have a King Charles III (and William V and George VII)?” and “If not the current flag, what”. We must explain what the question means, what it says about Australia, and the parallels to the United States. These questions need some research and creativity.

It is due also January 23rd so I will post it up shortly!

  • Assignment #3: Melbourne Museum
  • Assignment #4: Get to know a Leader

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