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A passion is always thought of as something that automatically makes you happy, but I don’t necessarily think that is the case. Something you’re truly passionate about can drive you crazy, it can frustrate you, a passion can either make or ruin your day. The reason it’s a passion is that despite all the frustration if that thing wasn’t in your life you might feel empty or even meaningless.

One of my great passions in life is watching every game my New England Patriots play. They absolutely frustrate me and have both made and ruined my Sundays (granted they’ve made it significantly more than they’ve ruined it.) However, if I didn’t have their games to look forward to every fall and winter there would be something missing from my life. Even though sometimes I can’t stand watching them, (see the first 40 minutes of the Super Bowl) I would never even think about missing a game without a reason. I would love to write my blog about the Pats. I could write about trades, injuries, weekly game recaps, and I would also love to write some in depth game analysis such as how players are performing beyond the statistics and where their play could use improvement.

Another passion of mine is film. To me, there is nothing more satisfying on a quiet night than getting comfortable and watching a really good movie. While this passion, unsurprisingly, doesn’t drive me nearly as crazy as football, I still get upset when I waste my time and possibly money on a bad movie. When it comes to cinema I really enjoy deeply analyzing film and trying to find underlying messages and symbolism the director has so intricately hidden beneath the plot and dialogue. I would be extremely happy to write my blog every week about a movie I watched, especially one I love. I could review it in depth and even give my detailed analysis of it.