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Hey everyone! My name is Jordan and I’m from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania! I chose to take this class because I have never been a person who enjoyed sitting in a traditional science class. Biology, chemistry and physics were absolutely not for me in high school. Therefore, when I was choosing courses for my schedule, one of my advisors, Mara Ziegler, suggested that I take this class because it would interest me in ways that the other science classes would not. I’m exploring my options within the Smeal College of Business and I’m not entirely sure which specific major I plan to pursue yet, but one thing’s for sure; I look forward to the lack of science class requirements. steelstacks-in-bethlehem-e41e924c39ea9370

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  1. Casey Jordan Leuenberger

    Hey Jordan! I am undecided and am also interested in going into business. I have been looking at this website to help me decide and though it might help you what exact major you might be interested in!

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